Players on the Smugglers' Moon

Kwent Station

The Subtle Freighter

They got to Kwent station, imprisoned the two pirates, and went to meet Passk. Zak (Sharon) went wondering around and got kidnapped. Nax (Nate) tracked down her commlink, but a Gammorean had it. They beat down the Gammorean, but he got Felix (Randy) pretty good first. The Nikto representing an Anjiliak gang came to the shuttle to negotiate a protection racket “tax”. The troupe had made a deal with the gangsters, and as they left, Zane (Adam) tried to follow them, but got caught. As he was having a stare off with his opposite number, Zak came running past, having freed herself. Lee’s character negotiated the sale of the fighter ships to the gangsters for 15000 cred, plus a favor to be named.

The group got uniforms from Passk to pose as technicians and gaurds. Zak and Nax hack the central computer while Zane and Felix gaurded the door and watched for intrusion. They got the data, but when Nax was hacking, he left his commlink behind.

They used the data to find the plans for the ship, including crew compliment and freight. They couldn’t find what the freighter is picking up, but they found the docking bay where it is being held. On going to check it out, they found the warehouse gaurded by trios of Gamorreans directed by a Twilek with light blue skin, fine cloths and a supercilious air.


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