Nar Shadda, the Smugglers’ Moon

A place to get rich, and a place to lose everything. Deals of every kind take place here, but in the end it all flows uphill into the coffers of the Hutts. In this time of galactic turmoil, the Hutts have claimed independence for Hutt Space.

The New Republic is too weak to put much pressure on them, and the emergence of the First Order keeps them destracted. Of course, the First Order would like nothing more than to gain the allegiance of the Hutt clans, but the budding Resistance, quietly backed by the New Republic, has kept them from giving the Hutts their full attention.

Meanwhile, Nar Shadda is a prime place for spies and sabatuers of any bent, with each faction seeking advantage over the other, and the Hutts getting rich selling every move of the game.

Players on the Smugglers' Moon

greypilgrimdman danacole shrmm1980 naga2370 leonamarie20